My Approach

You are important and what you have to say matters!

Taking the first step to looking for counselling tells me your mental and emotional wellbeing matters to you. You are not willing to sit by and let challenges control you; instead, you are a fighter, a survivor, a resilient human being wanting better for yourself. 

Working through challenges (be it trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, stress, or addiction, to name a few) you will be supported and encouraged in a non-pathologizing, anti-oppressive, de-colonizing environment to create deep insight regarding the connections between past and present experiences, and the importance of supportive connections in our lives. 

With the understanding that we all construct a personal view of the world through the lens of our experiences, and our way of “being” in the world reflects this view, the counselling space will be a venue to examine these beliefs and consider its effectiveness in your current life. Through insight, encouragement and empowerment, you will build resilience, gain perspective on life’s challenges and gain newer, more effective coping skills and ways of functioning.    

While I subscribe to a variety of therapeutic approaches, I mainly work from an Adlerian (constructivist), Solution-Focused, Cognitive behavioral, a Feminist focused and a Narrative (constructivist) lens. I take a trauma informed, multicultural approach to counselling. Understanding that humans face a variety of socio-structural, and systemic challenges that further exacerbate everyday challenges.  

It is important that you feel supported, heard and connected to the counsellor you will work with. To better understand if I will be the best fit for you, please take the time to look at the services I offer, and read more about me and my approach to counselling. 

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