Your Health and Wellness Matters!


Covid-19 Response: I am now offering in-person appointments on select days for anyone looking for in-person sessions. I will continue offering counselling online (via video), should you prefer online therapy. Whether in person or via online counselling services I am committed to being present, available and supportive in our interactions. 
While this is a challenging time for most, each person deals with challenges and struggles differently. Not judging oneself or blaming oneself for the emotions you are feeling and challenges you are going through is the first step to self-care. The second is reaching out for support! 

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If you feel the need to talk to someone, call the Vancouver Crisis Line on 604-872-3311 or toll free on 1-866-661-3311. If you are feeling suicidal please call 911.

A Solution Focused Approach

Looking at our realities as socially constructed and not absolute, a solution focused approach looks at alternate possibilities. It lays upon the framework that a series of small changes can and will lead to larger changes, thereby creating the possibility of health and wellness as a result of that first small step!

Deconstructing Scoio-structural norms

We all live within a family, a community and a society, with socialized views of behavior that we subscribe to without considering the personal impact socio-structural norms can have. Better understanding the impact of systemic and socio-structural factors paves a path to letting-go guilt and shame with regard to the perception that a challenge is a personal failure; instead, we start to see the impact external forces have on our present and personal circumstances, as a means to better understanding, coping and resolving ongoing challenges.

Working with the Narrative

We all have a story to tell! Most often we forget or are unaware that any story can be changed, built upon, and that there are many versions of the narrative we bring. Your story is not a fixed narrative, it is dynamic and changing. Change is possible when one views the narrative as not absolute.

Insight, Connection and Encouragement as means to Wellness

Adlerian therapy, works from the premise that our view of ourselves, others and the world is based on subjective perceptions of our early experiences; to better understand our current challenges we need to explore and gain insight into how we came to view the world and ourselves in it, as we do. Social connection and contribution to society combine to create a sense of community and wellness. As we are resilient beings, encouraging and building upon our strengths is the stepping stone to creating change.